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A Human Barometer

Why yes, I am a human barometer. What would you like to know? I can give you an accurate forecast of the next 12-24 hours. I might add that most of the time I’m more accurate than the weatherman (oh yeah!) If I’m not on the ball weather-wise, then either I’ve been cured (Hallelujah!) or the weatherman is dead wrong with the forecast, which in Michigan is quite often (lol!)

I think one of the most ridiculous side effects of chronic pain is the higher pain levels & other symptoms that are directly connected to weather changes. It is so frustrating, especially because it is out of our control. All you can do is prepare yourself and do activities that lessen your pain. Lighten your schedule, do easy & less stressful tasks, drink peppermint tea, turn your space heater, and remember to give yourself a “daffodil.” Or I guess we all could move to Arizona or California, but most of us don’t have that luxury. Hey, if I could, I would pack my bags and live the rest of my life in the Mediterranean (btw, if you didn’t know, the Greek Diet, i.e. lifestyle, is one of the best, especially for those with chronic pain). But for now, that isn’t an option. So, what can we do to relieve our weather-related symptoms? Well, I think it’s a matter of personal needs & comforts. Pamper yourself on those ill-weather days. I love being in the kitchen any day, but I’ve found that on those days I enjoy being there even more. Yes, I’m baking or making soup, but it’s more about being by a hot stove & oven. Make sure you exercise, even if it’s less than usual; it keeps your body circulating properly. Keep warm: spend the day baking & cooking in the kitchen, take a long hot shower or bath, turn on the space heater, drink hot tea, etc.

Another option is: If you are able to, take a vacation every once in a while, whether or not it’s on a rainy day. It will give you something to look forward to. Even though you can’t take a vacation from your pain, it might give you a break from your everyday responsibilities. It can be a day trip to a favorite spot nearby, take a long weekend with people you love, or stay a week in a warm, sunny place. And that’s what I’m doing next week. I’m leaving Michigan’s dark, rainy April weather. Tomorrow I’m flying to San Diego for a relaxing week in the sun. It’s a much needed vacation, and I’m so excited to go! 🙂

So, what things do you do on those bad weather days? What is helpful for you, and what isn’t? Are there favorite places you like to visit nearby or far away? Remember to take care of and to pamper yourself those days. Give yourself a big “daffodil” those days! The weather will change soon, the sun will come out, your pain will lessen, and your daily life will become easier & more enjoyable again!


Don’t Forget the Daffodils #1

A couple years ago, I read a book written by Dr. Claire Weekes. She made a point that I have never forgotten: it is important for people, especially those with depression and anxiety disorders, to do something for themselves each day. She called it “Don’t Forget the Violets.” Probably for me it would be: “don’t forget the sweet peas or daffodils.” But anyways, I don’t think it is a far stretch to assume that people with chronic pain should do the same. I’m not saying to go neglect your responsibilities to your family & work or go bankrupt while spoiling yourself with expensive gifts. However, do take a few minutes each day to pamper yourself. It can cost you very little or be absolutely free. Go ahead; take that bubble bath and escape from the stresses of the day for a little while. Have coffee or tea with a friend. Wrap up in a blanket and read a chapter in your favorite book. Take a 10 minute stroll outside and enjoy the scenery. Buy a bunch of tulips to brighten your house. What are some fun, inexpensive activities you enjoy doing? Have you tried this before, and how did you feel afterwards? Some activities that brighten my day are: listening to a favorite piece of music, trying a new recipe in the kitchen, sitting by the lake, etc. I am hoping to make “Don’t Forget the Daffodils” at least a weekly post, writing about activities I find enjoyable and that brighten my day. So, I leave you with a video that makes me smile every time I watch it: Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand singing the duet “Get Happy/Happy Days are Here Again.” Enjoy!